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Friday, June 9, 2023

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    With Delvin & Blake

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    Focus On The Family

    The Focus on the Family Broadcast provides daily encouragement that helps families thrive each day. For 40 years running, one half-hour at a time, Focus on the Family has shared meaningful advice across the nation. The broadcast has become one of today’s most recognized Christian radio programs and continues to grow in exciting ways with Focus President Jim Daly and co-host John Fuller.

  • 11:30 AM

    Leading The Way

  • 12:00 PM

    Daily Hope

    Join Pastor Rick as he continues to teach about the reasons you can find hope

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  • 12:30 PM

    In Touch

    The radio ministry of Dr Charles Stanley with a mission to lead people into a growing relationship with Jesus Christ and strengthen the local church through the word of God.

  • 1:00 PM

    Turning Point

    Turning Point daily radio broadcasts with Dr. David Jeremiah sermons

  • 1:30 PM

    Running To Win

    Running the race of life is hard. But with the Bible front and center and a heart to encourage, trusted pastor, Erwin Lutzer takes you on a journey into the Word to help you make it across the finish line.

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  • 7:00 PM

    Insight For Living

    Insight for Living, the Bible-teaching radio ministry of Chuck Swindoll, is committed to excellence in communicating the truths of Scripture and the person of Jesus Christ in an accurate, clear, and practical manner.

  • 7:30 PM

    Living On The Edge

    Helping Christians Live Like Christians with Chip Ingram

  • 8:00 PM


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